FirstThing at Christmas – No Animals, No Children and Technology

Attended a very pleasant breakfast meeting at First Option this morning. David Cradduck had set up a quiz using Kahoot!, an online tool for setting questions, running a quiz and producing the league tables. It was all looking good, 18 people hooked up via their smart phones using a web-based app. Kahoot! even gives points for answering quickly correctly. After each four answer choice question, the top four quizzers would be revealed. David had set up three sets of 20 questions about: General Knowledge, Techie Stuff and Christmas. Things were rolling along smoothly………

Then individual connections dropped, people had to log back in, in the final round after a dropout and rejoin I was just behind my first me for the first few questions of the round, and then my new me went ahead.

We both had the same nickname but our points were not summed

We all had a great time devising systems for David to add the points for answers we had correct but couldn’t enter etc.

Now the point of this blog is not to knock David’s efforts or Kahoot! He had tested it with a few people prior to the meeting. This was free entertainment, networking and Danish pastries after all. It’s about the fragility of this supposed everyone is online and connected world. Even in the hands of those who know how to do it, it can be challenging. You don’t really find out the reliability of such a system until you run the ultimate test, the user.

I have been inspired to writing a “20 questions you might not know the answers to about MindManager” on Kahoot! I wonder how my first use will behave?


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