How long does it take cycle somewhere in New Alresford?

I live down by the Cricketers off Tichborne Down. It’s almost the furthest point from the town centre (junction of Broad Street, West and East Street). Here are three rides that give some scale to cycling in New Alresford with the risks for each route. It’s not a big place, you can get from one side of town to the other in 10 minutes but it could be safer for cyclists.

Straight to Town

Up Fair View, on to Jacklyns Lane and up West Street. 1.5 miles and 8 minutes each way.


  1. The pinch points on New Farm Road at the railway bridge and the traffic islands.
  2. Car doors, cars manoeuvering in and out of parking spots, and illegally parked vehicles.

The Inner Ring Road

Along Tichborne Down, up Sun Lane, down to East Street, along West Street and the Avenue and returning via New Farm Road. 3 miles and 16 minutes for the round trip.


  1. The descent of Sun Lane, going clockwise.
  2. Traffic at the junction of Broad Street, West Street and East Street.
  3. The New Farm Road, West Street, Pound Hill, The Dean crossroads.
  4. Close passes on the Avenue, 40mph limit
  5. Going over the Railway Bridge and round the Spring Gardens bend on New Farm Road.
  6. The New Farm Road, Jacklyns Lane and Tichborne Down cross roads

The Outer Ring Road

Up New Farm Road, around Drove Lane and Abbotstone Road, across The Soke, up Broad Street turning on to East Street, along the B3047 to Bishop’s Sutton and turn right into Whitehill Lane, finally returning along Tichborne Down. 6 miles and 30 minutes cycling.


  1. The Soke: Vehicles cannot overtake cyclists when there is oncoming traffic and comply with the highway code. They pass too close.
  2. The B3047 is a 40 mph limit: Car will pass close to you at faster speeds than the limit!
  3. Whitehill Lane which has the national speed limit of 60mph, narrows in several places. Vehicles don’t always give way to cyclists or allow required passing distance.

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