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Central and Water Heating – Thoughts of a control engineer

Yes I was a control engineer once upon a time. I looked after control systems in chemical factories. There were hundreds of controllers regulating temperature, pressure, flow, level and chemistry. A few weeks a go I delivered my daughter and her stuff, to a shared house in London. I adjusted nearly all the settings of […]

Welcome to Andrew Wilcox Consultancy and Miscellanea

The consultancy can provide you with help on manufacturing performance improvement, WordPress web sites, organising and running events, running local auctions It also shares my other interests in auctions, cricket, cycling, environment, local stuff and other issues.

Andrew Wilcox

Mind Mapping Software Exploiter, Conference and Event - Recorder and Publisher, Ancient but effective bowler (cricket) and touring cyclist.

If you need to speak to me call 01962 738534 or 07813 211451

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Cabre - Mind Mapping Software Training and Consultancy

ConferenceREACTION - Recording and publishing conferences, meetings, seminars and events.

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