Favourite File Programs – Total Commander & Useful File Utilities

You probably have some as well and I have stuck with these two for many years. Click the images for full size screen shots.

Total Commander - FTP Program and much moreTotal Commander

Is my tool of choice for interacting with my web servers at the file level. I use it even though my web sites are now nearly all on WordPress. I use it for:

  • Uploading and downloading files. The ones WordPress does not handle like programs, pdfs, etc.
  • Copy the URL for the file once uploaded to add as a link somewhere else.
  • Editing files: It downloads them to a temporary location on your PC, opens your preferred file editor and uploads it back when the editor is closed. You can take a more cautious route of copying the current file to your local drive, making a copy to edit and upload that back to the server. Useful for e.g. .htaccess edits
  • Searching.
  • Backing up a web server to a local drive and then keeping it in sync.
  • Copying a list of file names from a folder with the details you see in a directory list to your clipboard and then paste it into e.g. Excel for processing

Useful File Utilities -  Batch edit of filesUseful File Utilities

I use this less often but it always get me out of a hole.  It is great for both renaming files and altering their contents. I use it for:

  • Changing file names of images so a group of photos is now in the middle of the alphabetically list of another group and therefore appears in the correct place in a slide show.
  • Every time MindManager changes versions I use UFU to update the “keys” in hundreds of my custom web export files. I set up a search and replace for the old key. It gets replaced with the new key and everything is working again.  Only 2528 files to make the change in.
  • It can do batch replacements in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

They have served me well. Please ask a question in the comments, if you need to know more from a user.

Perhaps you have some alternatives.  Please comment below.

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