Hunt’s Foodservice – park illegally and/or irresponsibly

Hunt’s Foodservices, I can see its a problem delivering to small shops on the high street but I think these instances are either illegal, dangerous and/or irresponsible:

  1. Yesterday morning one of your vans parked across the pavement and the zig-zag road marking for the pelican crossing on West Street in Alresford, thus endangering those using the crossing.
  2. Today one of your vans parked on double yellow lines on the B3330 at the Bridge Street adjacent to the Bridge Shop in Winchester at 08:00 reducing it to a single lane of traffic.  This caused a 10 minute queue for me on the Alresford Road and similar queues for those comng from the Chesil St., High Street and Eastgate Street.

What examples have you seen Hunt’s vans parking irresponsibly?

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