Accessing Documents and the Document Flow – e.g. PRINCE2

This is one I did earlier about PRINCE2, a project management process supported by the UK Government and often a requirement for those delivery projects to them. I thought I would drag it up from 2003 and republish it.

At the time this was suite of document templates published by the PRINCE2 web site. It gives the user access to the templates and shows how documents flow through a project e.g.

  • You must Prepare before you Start
  • Stages, Logs & Data and Forms all provide inputs to Meetings.

You may have documents for making things, recruitment, disaster management (are they available off site?), training, buying, selling, all the business processes.  Are yours accessible from one page and can users see how they link to each other?

You can click any of the document branches and open a document template in RTF format.

These documents came from PRINCE2 On-line Ordering and Downloads part of the Official PRINCE2 website in 2003.  An up to date single zip file of all the documents may be downloaded from Prince2 Resources. The download link is near the bottom of the page.

AWC will be pleased to provide a customised set for your PRINCE2 project or process which comprises a set of Word templates and an Excel merge database of all the standard data for the project e.g. company name, project manager etc.  However I recognise there are many more businesses supplying PRINCE2 documentation now than there were then and you might just need some advice about where to look.  Here is one recommendation if you are MindManager fan like me.   OPTi-P2 a PRINCE2 add in for MindManager

I could probably be of more help producing a linked map of your business process or project documents and working with you to make it flow more effectively.  Please give me a call to discuss.

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