Alresford Cycle Route 3 – Medstead or Wield, Preston Candover & Woodmancott

Two variations on a 23 to 27 mile route with 1,200 to 1,400 feet of climb to the north of Alresford. The first shown is via Medstead and Lower Wield. The second one goes through Upper Wield. Most of this is on quiet, a few cars per hour roads.

I did the first route shown anticlockwise which gives you a long ascent to Medstead which has a pub the Castle of Comfort, a village shop which stocks Real Lancashire Eccles Cakes and a hardware store that is worth a rummage around for bits you can’t get at Homebase.

The second variation I did clockwise which gives a stiff climb up Northington Down. I did my best time up there months ago and I am unable to improve on it. Will have to do the whole hill with my bum off the Brooks.

Both routes go through Preston Candover which has a village shop and the Purefroy Arms. I think the pub is more gastro than cyclo but there is a garden.

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